Besides working professionally as an interdisciplinary artist, Jesse is active as a mentor/coach for other artists and delights helping them turn their passions into full-time careers. 

Not only does Jesse draw from his own experience as an artist, but also from his training in the body-based wisdom tradition of somatic meditation, which has been ongoing since 2010.

Jesse believes that remembering how to access deep relaxation within our bodies is the cornerstone of any truly successful creative career.

If you’d like to work with Jesse one-on-one in person or via zoom/skype/phone/facetime, get in touch:


"Working with Jesse is much like being in a musical healing retreat. His calm presence melts away nervous tension and his warm heart invites us to feel comfortable and confident in our artistry. If there is magic to be found, he finds it."
“I was in a very fragile state when I went to see Jesse.  I was extremely anxious and depressed following a significant traumatic event - the dissolution of a long-term marriage.  Jesse was able to be with me in my pain in a way very few people have been able to.  He displayed compassion, kindness and wisdom, and showed me self-soothing techniques.  He remained sensitive to my needs while guiding me to find my inner strength.  Jesse is a kind and loving healer and I would highly recommend him as a coach to others.”
Helen Peltier, Calgary
"Jesse is wonderfully wise and very compassionate. He really has a talent for seeing the world through a non-judgemental lens, which provides a safe space to open up and be very honest with yourself. He is an amazing listener and is able to summarize what you have shared in a very clarifying way. Jesse has helped me face big life changes and relationships with courage and an open heart."
Stephanie Howard, Toronto
"I don't often find people who I trust enough to listen to what they have to say regarding my inner realms. Jesse's energy is solid and real. Just being with him for a short time and talking was so good for me, where I'm at in myself and the questions about life that are on my heart. I relate to him and am excited by the ways that Jesse just being Jesse, has inspired me to be me."
Meredith Hackler, Invermere
"The finest walking embodiment of the dharma I have ever had the pleasure to experience."
Marianne Pownell, UK